Autism Services

ABA Programs

Designing effective behavior programs to teach important skills and to treat problem behaviors can be a complicated task, especially due to the variety of skill deficits and behavioral problems exhibited by each individual with a disability or mental health diagnosis.  Successful outcomes occur when clinicians utilize evidenced-based assessment, analysis, and treatment.

For children and adolescents, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides the approach and methodology to improve the child and family’s overall quality of life.

In order to ensure that each child is receiving the appropriate, evidenced-based services, SHS utilizes Behavior Analysts to initiate and oversee treatment for clients with serious needs.   In addition, behavior specialist consultants and therapeutic support staff, who have completed ABA training, provide direct service in the home, community, or school settings.  A team approached is utilized to provide comprehensive services to our clients and families.

ABA Program for Children

Southwestern Human Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to individuals with ASD and their families.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been listed as being highly evidenced-based and designated as a recommended category of interventions as the foundation for an intervention program in treating problem behaviors and developing skills in home-based programs for early learners.  Behavior Analysts from SHS will provide a comprehensive assessment and analysis of each child’s unique needs and implement treatment to promote the best possible outcomes for the individual diagnosed with autism.  We strive to avoid “cookie cutter” programs because each child with autism is unique.  For more information regarding our ABA program for children diagnosed with autism, please review our Parent Guide.

Some of the elements provided for young children with autism include:

Adult Autism Service Provider

Southwestern Human Services is a certified provider of Adult Autism Services.  This service provides adults who are diagnosed with Autism the opportunity to participate in the community setting with a trained clinician facilitating activities and interactions.  In order to obtain this service, you must go to the DHS website to register.  This website will provide further information regarding the Adult Autism waiver and answers to frequently asked questions.  Please click on the link below to connect to the DHS website.   Also, feel free to contact our Outpatient Department at (412) 831-1223 if you have any questions.